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Bases de données Graphe

Cypher – the SQL for Graphs – Is Now Available for Apache Spark · Neo4j Graph Database #spark

Streaming et Fast Data

First Look at Scio, a Scala API for Apache Beam · Datanami #scala


DataStax Now Offering Docker Images for Development · DataStax » Blog Post – Corporate #datastax

Controlling Docker Containers Startup Sequence · Big Data Europe


Scala Coding Style Guide:- InShort · Knoldus #scala

Using Angular Components with Third-Party Libraries #angular

Conditional module imports in Angular – Hacker Noon #angular

Angular 5 apporte une compilation incrémentale plus rapide #angular

What’s new in Angular v5: Animations – Netanel Basal #angular

One File System to ingest them all (and in Kafka-Connect bind them) #kafka #kafka

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