Compilation des liens de la semaine


Running Spark Tests in Standalone Cluster - Eugene Zhulenev  #test #test

Making Apache Spark Testing Easy with Spark Testing Base - Cloudera Engineering Blog #test

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Streaming et Fast Data

How To Get Monitoring Right For Streaming And Fast Data Systems Built With Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra and Kafka | @lightbend #smack

From Streams to Tables and Back Again: An Update on Apache Flink’s Table & SQL API · data Artisans #flink

Flink Aims to Simplify Stream Processing · Datanami #flink


More Than React, Part 2: How Binding.scala Makes Reusability Easy #js #scala

Introducing Marathon 1.4 · Mesosphere #mesos #dcos

LDBC Developer Community: Benchmarking Graph Data Management Systems - #graph

Long Term Support for Angular Announced at ng-conf 2017 #angular

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