Compilation des liens de la semaine


Apache Spark Introduction – A Comprehensive Guide for beginners - DataFlair

SnappyData - The Spark Database

Meet Ray, the Real-Time Machine-Learning Replacement for Spark · Datanami

Streaming et Fast Data

From Streams to Tables and Back Again: An Update on Flink's Table & SQL API · Flink Blog Feed #flink

Presentation: Stream Processing & Analytics with Flink @Uber · InfoQ

Machine Learning

Analyzing customer feedback using machine learning · Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Blog

Process Mining

The Gold of Big Data Analytics: Process Mining and Enterprise Data Assets - DATAVERSITY


DataStax Java Driver: 3.2.0 released! · DataStax » Dev Posts #datastax

Lagom Framework: The Legacy WordCount Example · Knoldus #microservices #scala #lagom

Déployer son infrastructure Google Cloud Platform grâce à Terraform · OCTO talks ! #infrastructure

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